Surfers at Long Beach, Kommetjie

Kommetjie is well-known for its popular surfing spots and is the Mecca of surfing in the Western Cape. Surfing spots include the very popular Long Beach (only 50 meters from Surfsong Beach House) and Outer Kom below the Slangkop Lighthouse with Muizenberg a short drive away on the False Bay side of the Peninsula

Apart from the normal surfing spots a number of South Africa’s Big Wave surf spots are in the area, including the well-known The Dungeons across the bay at Hout Bay.

Long Beach, Kommetjie

Surfers at Long Beach, KommetjieLong Beach, only 50 meters from Surfsong Beach House, is a popular entry level surf spot where surfers of all shapes and sizes congregate from dawn to dusk with surfboards, longboards, bodyboards, paddle skis and stand up paddleboards to ride waves between 0.5 meters to 2 meters.


Outer Kom

Breakers at Outer Kom, KommetjieA few kilometers down the coast there is a stretch with a number of surf spots for the more advanced surfer with waves up to 4 meters at Outer Kom. Surf spots include Outer Kom, The Boiler and 365’s

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